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Obtaining Seniors Auto Insurance

Given that senior citizens are classified as high risk drivers, it is important to choose the right seniors auto insurance policy. The majority of accidents involving senior citizens occur when drivers get distracted or fail to realize a stop light has changed before continuing into a busy intersection. If you are a senior who has been involved in several motor vehicle accidents, you may need to decide if you should continue driving. The problem is that giving up driving often represents a loss of independence for older seniors.

Seniors Auto Insurance Discounts

If you are older than 75 and still driving, you should discuss the situation with your insurance agent. The reason is that a high percentage of motorists in this age category are involved in deadly motor vehicle accidents. That is why it is also important to undergo regular assessments to ensure your driving skills are still up to par. You don’t want to endanger yourself or others every time you get behind the wheel. Certain states will require older drivers to complete a course in safe driving before they can obtain senior auto insurance. You should also verify the specific rules for senior car insurance discounts as they vary for different insurance providers.

Mature Drivers Course

If you are a senior driver, you may have heard of the course called 55 ALIVE. You can contact your local American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) chapter to see if they offer such a course. You may need to provide proof that you have completed a safe driving course such as 55 ALIVE in order to receive a discount from your insurer.

Enrolling in a safe driving course has many benefits. You will learn about various safety factors such as the design of your vehicle. Other common topics include physical limitations, ability to see the road and freedom of movement for senior motorists. If you are a senior citizen who wants to continue driving, you should ensure your vehicle meets all of the following criteria. This will help you to protect yourself and others while you are on the road.

Easy to use seatbelts
Unobstructed view of the road
Fully adjustable seats
Display panel completely visible
Lightweight, easy to open and close doors
Additional Considerations for Senior Auto Insurance
If you are a senior, make sure you are well aware of any possible reactions to medication you are taking. Certain medications may slow your reaction time, make you drowsy or cause insomnia, all of which make driving dangerous. Motor vehicle accidents have been linked to various health conditions such as diabetes, balance problems, arthritis, vision problems, neurological disorders and foot problems. You must be completely aware of such factors before your insurance company will provide you with a discount for senior auto insurance.

The Cost of Senior Auto Insurance

If you are a senior who is living on a fixed income such as social security, you may need to look for less expensive auto insurance. Seniors may be able to obtain an insurance discount by talking to their insurance agent. Organizations such as the American Association of Retired Persons are also willing to help seniors obtain a discount on their auto insurance policy. You can obtain information concerning seniors auto insurance by contacting your local insurance department. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners also retains information regarding auto insurance for every state.

Before you purchase an auto insurance policy, be sure you review the following list to make sure you are not paying more than you should:

Drop your comprehensive and/or collision coverage if your drive an older vehicle
Choose a higher deductible so you can pay a lower premium
Verify that your credit report does not contain any errors
Inquire about insurance discounts for low mileage
Ask about any available corporate or group insurance discounts. Organizations such as the American Automobile Association (AAA) offer discounts on auto insurance to its members.
Inquire about possible discounts for driving a vehicle with safety features such as automatic seatbelts, antilock brakes or airbags
Find out which car models have the least expensive repair costs and are stolen less frequently. The Highway Loss Data Institute can provide you with this information.
Find out if your insurance provider offers any other insurance discounts when you obtain a rates quote.
Driving & Dementia

Being able to drive represents freedom and control for many people, particularly senior citizens. Driving enables you to easily visit friends or family, visit your doctor, shop, work part-time or volunteer your time at a local organization. However, the onset of dementia can change that for older individuals. Although people can normally continue their daily activities during the initial stage of dementia, they may eventually have to give up driving.

Dementia is very different from other common problems such as slower reaction times and problems with eyesight that often plague senior drivers. Older individuals who are not suffering from dementia can normally adapt the way in which they drive without external assistance. The majority of senior citizens are able to continue driving without ever being involved in a serious car accident.
Unfortunately, this is not the case with anyone who has been diagnosed with certain mental conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Such diseases take a while to progress so functions such as judgment, reaction time and problem-solving skills become impaired over time. These effects, combine with the physical symptoms often caused by the diseases can make it much more dangerous for afflicted individuals to continue driving.

Individuals suffering from dementia normally find it impossible to remain objective about their ability to drive. They may attempt to rationalize their driving by issuing statements such as “I always pay attention when I get behind the wheel,” “I have driven for lots of years without ever being involved in an accident” or “The fact that I sometimes get lost does not mean I’m unfit to drive.” The risk of serious injury greatly increases as an individual’s driving skills begin to decline. That’s why it’s important for close friends or family members to closely monitor anyone who has been diagnosed with dementia. By doing so, they may prevent a fatal car accident.


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